8 New Snapchat Trophies

UPDATE: All eight Snapchat trophies has been removed from Snapchat Trophies case and added back to Snapchat only on December 2015. We will add another post dedicated to all new Snapchat trophies added on December 2015.

On November 4th, 2015 Snapchat released a new update bringing eight new Snapchat trophies for their app users. There were 16 different trophies before this update. Now, after 8 New Snapchat Trophies has been added, we will have 24 different trophies in total.

One of the most interesting thing about new Snapchat trophies is that very rarely people know how they look like and how to get them in their personal Snapchat trophy case. What is more, it looks like that new trophies are even harder to get as common app actions are not achieving them.

Snapchat users are sharing actions they try in order to achieve new mysterious trophies. Yet, none of the following actions earned new Snapchat Trophies:

  • 50 snaps with lenses;
  • 50 emoji stickers in a single snap;
  • 100 colors in single snap;
  • 50 backward (in reverse) video snaps;
  • 100 snaps with emoji stickers;


1. Night Video Trophy

We have information that the first of 8 new Snapchat Trophies could be Night Video Trophy! It has 3 achievement levels. If you want to get it you have to record a video with night mode. The second and the third levels will be achieved after sending 10 and 50 night mode videos. UPDATE: Several Snapchat users have tried this option and unfortunately Night Video Trophy doesn’t work. Thanks for users who contribute their experience in the comments section below!

Please let us know what trophies you have received. Please include both emoji name representing that trophy and a detailed guide hot to get it. You can find all 16 Snapchat Trophies from the previous update in HERE.

43 thoughts on “8 New Snapchat Trophies

    1. I know three of them: there’s “screenshotted a snap”, “verified phone number with account” and “verified email with account”

    1. If you read the bit before the list which that says it in. It says ‘none of the following actions earned new Snapchat Trophies:’

  1. With the newest update, the 8 added trophies have been removed. I’m assuming that not even snapchat knew what they were supposed to be.

  2. I have gotten three new snapchat trophies from the update, one being an envelope (you need to go into settings and verify your email), one being an old red phone (you need to go into settings again, and verify your phone number), and a smiling purple devil (you need to screenshot one snap, and there are three stages to this one).

  3. You get a trophy for uploading a snap to a live story or feed. Even if it isn’t selected to be viewed by everyone if you upload one to a special even story, you get a trophy

  4. 1) post 10 snaps to local story (two levels)
    2) get snap POSTED on a local story
    3) screenshot 50 snaps (3 levels)
    4)verify email
    5) verify phone number
    6)scan 5 snap codes

    I just need three more trophies. 1 unknown, 1 sun (100 degree weather) and 1 devil face (1,000 selfies)

  5. I have all the trophies except for 3 (one of which is the sun trophy which I know how to get), but I can’t figure out the last two.

  6. So I have almost all th of trophies I just need the last 3 on the score and the sun ++ 2 unknown ones but I’ve checked EVERYWHERE and I can’t figure out what the last 2 are literally no one knows what are they ?? If no one knows does anyone know when snapchat will tell us ??

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