Selfie Trophy

Are you a fan of Selfies? Sending them for friends very oftenly? Then you are the one who has to earn Selfie Trophy from recently introduced Snapchat Trophies. In this page, we will explain what you will need to do to get Selfie Trophy and all other details.

Selfie Trophy Also Known As

  • Devil Trophy
  • Japanese Ogre Trophy
  • Front Camera Trophy
ImageLevelEmojiHow to Get
Japanese Ogre Snapchat Trophy1OgreSend 1000 Snaps using the front facing camera

Selfie Trophy has only one achievement level. If you want to get it you will have to Send 1000 Snaps using the front facing camera. After achieving this trophy, you will get Japanese Ogre emoji into your Snapchat Trophy Case.

People who are not so familiar with the Snapchat app features sometimes ask us how it’s possible to switch between front and rear cameras while making a video. If you want to try this feature all you need to do is to double tap the screen while recording a Snap and you will switch between the selfie and rear-facing cameras! This selfie feature has been introduced in June 2015.

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