Audio Trophy

If you take a look at all 16 Snapchat Trophies you will easily notice that the vast majority of them are related to photos, videos and camera features. Yet, Audio Trophy is totally different as it’s related to snap sounds.

Audio Trophy Also Known As

  • Sound Trophy
  • Monkey¬†Trophy
  • Hear No Evil Monkey¬†Trophy
ImageLevelEmojiHow to Get
Hear No Evil Monkey Snapchat Trophy1Hear-No-Evil MonkeySend a video Snap without audio

Audio Trophy has only one achievement level. If you want to get this trophy you will have to Send a video Snap without audio. Achieving this trophy, will get you Hear No Evil Monkey emoji into your Trophy Case. If you want to take a snap without sound please try changing your sound settings to mute. You can also try changing you phone into silent mode (working on iPhone). After sending a snap without audio, you will see its icon in red color.

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