Video Trophies

Are you a big fan of Snapchat videos? Sending them to your friends every day? If your answer is yes, then Snapchat Video Trophies are essential for your Snapchat Trophy Case. As videos are very popular among Snapchat app users, so is video trophies.

Video Trophies Also Known As

  • Videocassette Trophy
  • Movie Camera Trophy
  • Video Camera Trophy
  • VCR Tape Trophy
  • Old School Camera Trophy
ImageLevelEmojiHow to Get
Videocassette Snapchat Trophy1VideocassetteSend a video Snap
Movie Camera Snapchat Trophy2Movie CameraSend 50 video Snaps
Video Camera Snapchat Trophy3Video CameraSend 500 video Snaps

Video Trophies are divided into 3 achievement levels. If you want to get the first level Videocassette trophy you will have to send one video Snap. If you want to get the second level Movie Camera trophy you will have to send 50 video Snaps. If you want to reach the highest third level Video Camera trophy you will have to send 500 video Snaps.

Video Snaps Guide and Calculation

To record a video Snap, press and hold the round button for as long as you want the video to be. More detailed guide how to send snap videos can be found in here. Snapchat counts all video snaps you are sending using their app. This means you can send video snaps both privately and to a Snapchat story. All of them will be calculated into the total video snaps amount.

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